tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is on board for the new year

For 2012 Erdinger Alkoholfrei will be supporting me in my work for perfoming on the highest level.

I am very honnerd to be working with a brand that is doing so much for your sport and is supporting some of the very best athletes on the planet.
I am looking very much forward to what the year will bring.

onsdag den 11. januar 2012

Skinfit is new sponsor in 2012

It is now official, Skitfit will be on board making sure that I will be dressed in there Clothes both in training and for my races.

I am looking very much forward to be able to work with a leading clothing brand this year.
The Skinfit products are seen everywhere in the sport of triathlon, and I understand why. The Combination of high function and a good design is what it is all about and I am very happy to be with a brand that are setting the standard for sport clothes.

For sure they have something that fits to you and your sport to. Check it out here:


torsdag den 5. januar 2012

A new year means new opportunities

2011 is long gone, but before I get to court up in the new year I would like to take a little look back on the past season.

It all started on Fuerteventura where I together with Susanne arrived early in January for the first of four camps. The next weeks was filled out with group rides, technique sessions, Video analysis and presentations and lectures in the evenings.

After some good weeks on Fuerteventura, and about one million time in the same buffet, we moved on to Mallorca for the last of our camps. And then I was ready for the races.
Or said in a better way, in the last days of our Mallorca camp I got ill and had to put the preperations on hold. That also meant that I could not start at the Xterra Italy. Susa had been ill to a little before me, but startet and finish strong even though she was missing her normall power on that day. In the days after the race we had a little time to enjoy the beautiful island. Susannes father Jacob was along for this trip, like many of other other ones, and it is always a blast to be on the road with him and Susanne.
The first race for me was a duathlon here in Germany. Hilpolstein Duathlon – I won it. I had just started training again, and it was more or less just a try, when I decided to start. It was a day with a lot of fun, and really a race to put on your to-do list.

The next race was The Rothsee Triathlon Festival on the Olympic distance, where I ended up in 4th position, fighting hard on the run after not the best bike ride. From this race itself I remember the hills on the run the most, but again, those Germans knows how to put together a good race
@photo Sebastian Kuhn

After this, it was time for the big Scandinavian trip. First Norseman and then one week later Challenge Copenhagen. In 2010 Susanne did both, but this year I was allowed to do the Copenhagen part ;)
Susanne won in Norway again, and I was able to set a new personal best wit 8:36 and finish 9th in Copenhagen. 

Only A couple of weeks later Challenge Walschsee was on the schedule. I was the second time I had the opportunity to ride on this amazing course and in the end I was able to run a little forward in the field to finish in 12th position.

In between those races, several things happened. League races for my German club TSG ROTH 08, training rides in the high mountains of Switzerland and a relay swim in Challenge Roth just to name a few.

After Walschsee, my season should have been ended, but I felt like I wanted to race once more.
Challenge Henley in England was on, and despite being a really cool race, I had a really bad day, finding myself through up in the side of the road after less than 90km on the bike. But that swim in the Thames, I will never forget.

I would like to thank everyone who made this amazing year possible. I owe Susanne and her Family a big thank you, as well as my sponsors. I am looking forward to 2012 with you all.
Thank you to Planet X for some cool bike. To Saucony for covering my high number of shoe changes, to Sailfish for putting me in a wetsuit that brought me new personal best times on practically all distances this year. To Penco for keeping my energy level high – and with my metabolism that takes a lot :) - and of cause a big thank you to Susanne and Professional endurance team for making it easier to get closer to my full potential - I owe you guys a lot!

Happy new year everyone – I hope to see you here in 2012

Take care


fredag den 23. december 2011

Merry Christmas

The year of 2011 is coming to an end, and for me it have been an amazing one. A lot of good memories to look back on and a lot of exiting people that I have meet, and where many of those are people that I would call friends today.

But before this year comes to an end, we have a little something called Christmas. It is one of the best times of the year, and I am back in Denmark for a couple of days to see my family and freinds, and then afterwards flying back to Germany to be there with Susanne and all the crazy german friends at new years eve. :)

On the sportive side of my life, I must say that the biggest excitement and the clearest memory was Susannes and my trip to Norway and Denmark. First running up the Gausta hill and watching Susanne win for the third time in Norseman, and then afterwards to drive down to my old hometown of Copenhagen and race the Challenge and finish as 9th, being able to run to the finish line giving high fives to both some of my friends and my parents just to be welcomed at the finish line by Susanne.

The year started, like it will next year to, with the Camps for Hannes Hawaii Tours and it felt like the complete spring time was spend either in the sun of Fuerteventura or Mallorca or in a plane getting to one of those locations or getting back home from those.
Next Year I will be in both of the Challenge Camps, both of the Magic camps, as well as I our new preparation camp for challenge Fuerteventura and I am sure it will be a blast like this year.
If you want to be part of the camps there are still some spots open. And even if you are not German speaking it is still a great option to get some quality training and to move a step forward towards your goals in 2012 and further on. They are open for everybody at everylevel as long as you have a little experience on for an example to ride with clickpedal on the bike and can ride 3hours with 20km/h here back home.

There was a lot of races for me in 2011as well.
Duathlons, Short distances, Olympic distances, half distances and a long distance as well.
For next year I have two big goals, and I am working on my season planning to get it all fixed.
I will post more to this subject soon – just like some new sponsors have step on board and of cause I will tell you as soon as it all is official.

In November, we had our Challenge TriCamp Run seminar and a week later the swim seminar in professional Endurance Team, witch once again was a big success. It was some fun days where we after those hours could see a progress for all the participants – maybe worth considering for you for next year?

But for now I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas all the best for the new year and happy holidays.

Take care


tirsdag den 4. oktober 2011

Copenhagen on a regular sunday...

It is here...The video from KMD Challenge Copenhagen - it is so cool..
The shooting is done by Flemming Gernyx, and he is even able to make me look good on film.



onsdag den 28. september 2011

DNF – Well, then I tried that too...

Last race of my season is in the books, but for me it ended a couple of hours to early.

I really looked forward to Challenge Henley-on-Thames since I finished in Copenhagen in middle of august. It was quite strange feeling in these weeks between the two races, I never really felt tired from Copenhagen but also never really felt fresh. I did not do much training more or less just one race with a little short intensity stuff before to get activated, then raced Challenge Walchsee and with two weeks between Challenge Walchsee and Henley that time was spent with resting.

Susa an I drove to England. When it is possible we always try to drive to the races, because you are able to bring all the stuff you need and are not limited to a suitcase or a bikebox.

The English countryside is beautiful, and that was in surroundings like in the English TV-series Barneby that we were going to race.

The race began for us at 6:30 that Sunday. It was going to be a sunny day. But that also meant that there were clear sky during the night witch pulled the temperature down to a rather chilly 5 degrees.
Off we went in the Thames on part of the rowing leg for the rowing regatta in henley, best know for its battles between Oxford and Cambridge university.
We could see nothing other than the caps of the other athletes because of fog, witch made it a very different experience, but a very cool one.

I came out of the water as number 10 and all was good, even though that I had lost some meters to a couple of guys that I have hanged on to for most of the swim.
Transition was good, but took its time – after all you do want to get an extra shirt on when you know that you are getting out on your bike being wet in 5-6 degrees.
I did actually not feel that bad. It was cold but not in a way that you could not handle it. And I am still in the belief that the temperature did not course the problems I experienced next.

I was not feeling strong on the bike, and guys that I would normally be able to ride with were passing me in what felt like double speed. The bike leg was challenging but very nice. 4 loops with 2 climbs on each loop. Not nasty steep climbs, more like long annoying once, the ones where you feel that you should be able to be faster but simply are not.
But like I said not really steep. Therefore I was wondering what was happening n the end from second loop when I hardly did not get to that top of one of the climbs in my lowest gear. I did get to the top though, rode on for a couple of minutes and then I puked, got back on my bike rolled a little on got off and puked again. That was the end of my day.

I´ve never had a DNF before, exept one time in the danish championships where I broke my back wheel and had the option to ride the last 50k´s on the pullys or to wait to get picked up after the last competitor came past. But this was the fist time that my body was not playing along.

I don´t know where it came from. Did not eat any strange stuff in the days before, even drank bottled water because I did not like the chloral taste in the normal water. Maybe it was just a sign from my body to say stop.

Well I did stop, and now the off season is coming up witch also not is to bad. More on that to come...

Take care


onsdag den 7. september 2011

Challenge Walchsee race report

Photo: challenge Family
Last weekend I once again found my self on a starting line. Here three weeks after Challenge Copenhagen I drove with Susa to Austria, this time for a half distance but not just any half, Challenge Walchsee was on. I got a late entry spot and was looking forward to a good race and the last hard unit before the next long distance in the mid September.

Susa had the job of handing out gels and salt to me one race day, and kindly asking me why I was not racing faster when I knew that I was slow. - I think she likes that job way more than racing herself.

We arrived Thursday evening to our little but very sweet hotel in Kössen, next to Walchsee, where it turned out that the daughter Michaela and her boyfriend Mario also was going to race. Both of them for the first time.
Later that evening Jacob Frandsen and Chris Fischer checked-in. Both of them are very talented Danish athletes ready to kick my ass, but all in all perfect company leading up to the race.

I hate race mornings. I don´t know why, as soon as the gun goes off and the swimming is on everything is good but until that point I just want to get back into bed. This time was no different even though we all was welcomed by a beautiful sunrise and the typical challenge atmosphere when we checked our bikes the last time and went to the swim start.

The clock hit 8:00 and off we went. Now everything was good, except that some guy hit my glasses in a way that I almost lost them, but I got them back on and did not loose much time. My swim was good and I had a group and never had problems with following. I exited the water with athletes that normally are quite a bit ahead of me in the swim so it seemed like that I had a swim that was better that normaly somehow.

On the bike I spent the first kilometres closing a small gap to 3 other guys. A couple of guys came along but on the first big hill I was kicked off when they for some reason practically sprinted to the top.
After not being able to close that gap, the rest of the ride was more or less unspectacular and I hit T2 with a setback of about 4:30 to where I wanted to be.
Photo: challenge Family

So yet again I knew what to do if I wanted to finish somewhere near top 10.
It was kind of a lonely run for the first 10-12k. In that 4:30 gap there was no one, so even though that the gap got smaller and smaller I did not see anyone. I was happy that the spectators was so motivating because otherwise it would have been a even more though task to close the gap.
On the last lap I caught 3 guys, and then on the last meters I overtook Chris Fischer who again had showed his power on the bike were he after 15k came blistering by.

I hit the finish line just in time to get a little share of the price money, lucky me that a couple of good guys had signed up as age groupers because I was only in 12th position overall.
Photo: challenge Family

I am very happy with my performance. It was a world class field, I can´t think of a stronger middle distance field in Europe this year, so a 12th place is for sure okay.
Now back in Germany the last preparation is on for Challenge Henley on the 18th September.
- I am looking forward!

Results can be found here